Wearing Usage

Wearing Usage (Pendant product will be available soon)
Materials that have been processed through energy technology, and worn on the body can aid blood circulation, increasing blood flow volume and speed, improving the circulatory system, vitalizing cells, unleashing the potential of the body, boosting one’s prowess in an instant. Experiments with O-rings and weights show that cosmic energy does indeed boost one’s physical prowess and athletic ability.

6 STar Anion Health Tube

Six Star Anion Energy Pendant/Health Tube has the ability to absorb, store, and release energy in all directions, and is able to penetrate any object to a depth of 15cm. The resonance frequency of the released energy exactly matches that of the natural atmosphere. These released waves are the most beneficial biological pulses to the human body, being able to affect the human body, stimulating the resting cells. It strengthens blood circulation, balances the physiological potential of the human body, revitalizing cells, increasing metabolism, mediating the yin and yang balance of the human body, eliminating fatigue and calming the mind.

These combined effects on the human body improve the internal environment of the body, regaining normal cellular metabolism, enabling bodily functions to reach an ideal state, as well as boosting one’s immunity and recovery ability. When cells are healthy, one’s body will be healthy, and with a healthy physical body, ailments will naturally be reduced and become a thing of the past.

6 Star Health TubeWearing Six Star Anion Energy Pendant/Health Tube on one’s body creates a layer of magnetic field, protecting against harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation, making it a talisman for those who use mobile telephones or computers, or for flight attendants and flight passengers, dramatically reducing the harm brought on by external electromagnetic pulses and radiation. It also supplements the human body’s geomagnetism, which is lacking due to insulation by underground cables, tunnels, and tall buildings. It releases and helps the body to absorb the negative ions in the air, suppressing free radicals, protecting the body and extending one’s lifespan.

Miraculous Cosmic Energy
In physics, energy describes a quantity within a system or a process. It exists in various forms such as light, electricity, heat, sound, magnetic, waves, and gas in the universe. Of which some types include ultrasound, infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, magnetic energy, bio electricity, heat energy, mechanical energy, and cosmic energy etc.

Frequencies produced by cosmic energy are transmitted by vibrations. All matter within the universe possess electrical energy and are constantly vibrating, producing the releasing energy, including our body’s cells. Cells are extremely important in sustaining vital activities! Matter such as molecules, atoms, protons and electrons conduct vital activities through movements based on specific frequencies. Such electromagnetic energy is classified as “positive ions” and “negative ions”. Positive ions acidify the body, causing oxidation of cells, producing reactive oxygen species free radicals. Anion reverses the acidification to a mildly alkaline state, and restores the oxidized cells, with its anti-oxidant effects.

Natural treatment methods, other than medications, commonly use energy to help protect against ailments and for clinical treatments, with significant effects. Health Tube simulates the natural energy in the natural environment, which is beneficial to the human body, as well as other energies that keep living cells healthy. Utilizing various mean such as bio electricity, magnetism, light (infrared), heat, and negative ions or by changing the water quality to improve bodily functions. To supplement the body’s lack of energy, magnetism, negative ions and balance an acidic body constitution.

Influence of Energy Technologies in Improving Cultivation and Husbandry Businesses
Using energy water in plant cultivation such as flowers, vegetables, and fruits not only speed up the growth process, but flowers and leaves grow more abundantly and vibrantly, and fruits are sweet and beautiful, and the production quality and vitality are also strong. Its use in rearing fish, prawns, and pets can significantly stimulate their growth too.