How Does a 6 Star Anion Energy Health Tube Work?

Aside from balancing the pH level in drinking water, this health tube has many uses; in fact, it can be used to remove or block the electromagnetic energy and harmful elements out our body and to provide you with radiation protection from appliances and devices, including televisions, computers and mobile phones.

It gets rid of harmful elements, heavy metals in water by filtering them to ensure that you are not only drink clean but also healthful water. In the process, you can make sure that drinking water gives you optimal health and added energy because it is converted from being acidic and impure into being alkaline and pure. In this case, you can harvest the natural health properties of water, such as energizing and hydrating your body and improving your blood circulation. Therefore, you can absorb nutrients from food better than drinking acidic and non-filtered water you normally consume. By getting rid of heavy metals and toxins found not only in water but also in the environment and food, you can achieve optimal health and prevent premature aging of the cells. Speaking of purifying water, alkaline water also removes chlorine in drinking water.

With 6 Star Anion Energy Health Tube, you can also restore and replenish the anions in your body as well as be able to get rid of oxygen radicals that cause illnesses. To help you fight them, alkaline water made with the product also increases the absorption rate of trace elements and minerals in your body in order that you stop premature aging while enhancing your health and improving your overall energy.


Energy – Place the tube on the body, the unique energy can block harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation. It acts as a protection charm for cell phone users, computer users, air service personnel and aircraft passengers. It enhances blood circulation, awakening cells, activating dormant cells, with beautification effect.



Anion – Replenish anions within the body, neutralize the harmful ‘oxygen radicals’ to achieve anti-oxidation. Anions are vitamins in the air.


small molecule water

Small molecules water – Rearrange disorganized and degraded water into small molecules water. This good quality water is most suitable for human cells (or life body). It permeates cells more effectively, carrying oxygen and nutrients into the cells and excrete toxic metabolic waste from the body.


No chlorine

Dechlorination – Remove residual chlorine and chlorine smell from the water, reduce risk of getting cancer and miscarriage.




Minerals – Increase essential minerals and trace elements, delaying aging, enhancing physical vitality.




acidic alkaline

Weak alkaline water – Turn acidic drinking water into slight alkaline water to enhance body pH balance. Acidic body is the source of all diseases.