Daily Usage

Daily Usage
When 6 Star health tube is being used for the first time, please wash with water for a few time and discard the water (For external use, do not wash, use directly. Best to keep it dry).

Place the tube at the center of water container. Each tube can process up to 2-3 liters of water each time, soak for 15 minutes. During travel, simply drop the tube into drinking bottle or cup for 5 minutes.

If not in usage, keep it in a dry airy place. Dry it under the sun every week for 1 hour, it will extend the usage time of the tube.


rice cooker

1. Use the water for daily consumption. The slightly sweet and tasty water can be used to wash rice, cook rice, prepare porridge, and boil soup. It enhances the flavors and brings out the nutrients.

fruit and vegetable washing

2. Use the water to wash fruit and vegetables to remove residual heavy metal and nitrates, make it safer for consumption, enhances nutritional value and extend shelf life.


3. Use the water to clean seafood and meat. The water reduces residual heavy metal, antibiotics, growth hormones and preservatives, removes the smell of meat, and makes the meat sweet and tender.

spray for face

4. Use the water to wash or spray face. It helps to lighten skin pigmentation, clears out blocked pores, dusts pollutants, prevents acne and keeps the skin smooth, bright and elastic.