Is Alkaline Water Good Water For You?

Man has always strive to create minor equipment and other stuff by maneuvering the atoms and molecules that those items are made up of. Nanotechnology is one such state of the art expertise which can possibly generate novel materials and devices; besides other implementations of nanotechnology, the one which is so meaningful (yet underestimated) is the usage of this skill for the generation of drinkable water.

Our body comprises seventy percent water; this much percentage is essential for the metabolic functions going on in our bodies to function most desirably. On an average we need to consume one liter of water every day for each thirty kilogram of our body weight. This quantity has to be increased during summers; moreover we need to take fresh fruits and vegetables too, in which case the need for water intake decreases involuntarily. So far so good but what most of us might be unaware of, is the significance of alkaline water in our lives.

Itemizing the health benefits of alkaline water, we find the following hold true:

  1. It tastes great! The taste of alkaline water is much better than that of ordinary tap water or bottled water. It may not be out of place to mention here that the pH of tap water is 7, which means a neutral pH value. In contrast, alkaline water has a pH of 7.2 to 9 which is desirable for the human body; pH, it may be noted is a standard used for evaluating the acidity or alkalinity of a solution in which the solvent is water.
  2. It hydrates the body in a wholesome manner.
  3. Endorses assimilation of nourishing substances found in the food and drinks consumed by us; this fact is quite important for keeping our body in a healthy status; the reason being that your blood will serve its purpose unexceptionally.
  4. The blood circulating in our body supplies oxygen to the body cells only when the pH of the body is alkaline; in case the pH of the body is acidic, there will be shortage of oxygen available in the body cells. Also the spare sum of acid at hand in our body debilitates the system which has to do with bodily resistance; this could lead to a lot of ailments.
  5. Helps you lose weight; as a result your whole body appearance will turn into a slim trim person with a chiseled beautiful figure.
  6. On account of its effect opposed to aging and its anti-inflammatory characteristics, your overall body health will improve to a great extent.
  7. Alkaline water assists in battling against anxiety and lethargy.
  8. Alkaline water is very good for eluding constipation.
  9. Consumers of alkaline water do not face the problem of insomnia.
  10. Research studies have revealed that those who use alkaline water for drinking and cooking can achieve a better concentration power.
  11. It assists in lessening wrinkles and liver spots.

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Aren’t these facts sufficient enough to compel a person to buy it?

Food for thought!

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