6 Star Water Purifier Anytime. Anywhere 24/7

For Water Usage: Put the 6 Star health tube in your water container or water bottle. This product can process up to four liters of water in ten minutes. Have an easy access to safe alkaline water wherever you go. For use at home, school, office, traveling to even outdoor activities.

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6 Star Multi-Purpose Energy Health Tube

For External Usage: Energy released by Six Star Anion Energy Health Tube is able to permeate any substance of up to 15cm. Emitted energy is fully consistent with the resonance and frequency of natural energy field.

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6 Star Multi-Usage

How You Can Use It

Multi-function usage for a healthy lifestyle. Energy water speed up growth even for flowers, rearing fish & even water for your pets.

Alkaline Water Singapore, 6 Star Portable Water Purifier

6 Star Water Purifier 能量净水器

Singapore Patented 6 Star Anion Energy Health Tube Is The Best Portable Water Purifier! Use for School, Office, Travel & Outdoor Activities.

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Great packaging and great service, it also comes with a very detailed product introduction. With all the functions its worth every cent.

Kim Hui ~ Serangoon Garden

Safe drinking water anytime and anywhere I go. With this I have definitely saved money on buying mineral water.

Daniela Go ~ Jalan Damai